Hapless Press

Hapless Press presents work from my experiences in printmaking, sculpture, dance, video and woodworking.

Hey, look at this! We’re in the middle of a big ol’ snow storm, here in Southern Appalachia. It’s Sunday morning and already Monday school is canceled, at least for the kiddos. Electric’s out for many in the area, and the streets are completely quiet. For our little household, baking and reading. And, putting together my third chair for the semester.

Wednesday  morning, the 12th: Well, we’re frozen in time–no school for me for the third day in a row and tomorrow, Thursday, is the last day of the semester…Well, so much for school this term. It’s still cold and icy on the roads, but I believe we’re due for something of a warm up today–whew.

Take care, So. Appalachia!