ride on!

Taller Lenateros 2009

This picture was taken at Taller Leñateros in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas México in 2009 (I think). (their website: http://www.tallerlenateros.com/) This funky contraption is used to break down pulp to make paper. This image tells a story of ingenuity and invention in the service of printmaking/papermaking. It also hints at the kind of community and ethos  Taller Leñateros enjoys and promotes; resourcefulness, creativity, humor and cooperation. If you’re ever in the wonderful city of San Cristóbal, visit!

something’s different about this one…

door, central Merida, Mexico      2018

Hidden by heavy walls and behind narrow doors, the unique homes of the people in this neighborhood are obscured to passersby, but here is a mark of the personality of the individual artist and individual resident. Until you get close, the little stenciled mushrooms are easy to miss. But as you walk by, you realize the intentionality of their creation and of their continued presence–they are something to mark this place and its people as more than ‘a face in the crowd.’



This was the letterpress studio of an acquaintance of mine where I spent a lot of time learning about printmaking and learning about art. Although I would not use the term “beloved” to describe this place, I do feel an enduring affection for the old press, the uneven floor and the inky atmosphere. The time I spent alone there, happily working and teaching myself, made a difference in my life and I treasure the memories.

lots and lots!

These beautiful clamps present gorgeous repetition and variation in our woodshop. Their  design is economical and strictly utilitarian; they are beautiful and useful, as singular objects and in the numbers hanging off of racks in the shop.

an opportunity to think of the world


This is a beautiful place along the stream in the region where I live right now. It isn’t actually silent–nature is ebullient!–rather, it is the quiet moment here I am taking that is significant in this picture. This lovely place along the stream is where I, and my companion, found the space to expand our thoughts beyond ourselves, to silence ourselves and to listen to that which is always there for us to hear…

So. Appalachia, NC, USA  2016


faded momento


This is a print, seen elsewhere on this site sans frame, that displays a sense of being “weathered.” I really love the worn-out look; it reminds me of the stuff that hung in offices where my parents and their friends worked (back in the 1960s, 70s). The old frame is ‘reclaimed’ (clean and tightened, etc) from a thrift store–it fits the print, I think.

growing brighter

sunburst flower

Here’s a little sunshine on a very cold day here, in the Eastern US: This souvenir from the summer was the beautiful, serendipitous result of a neighbor’s grandchild tossing seeds here and there the summer before. We moved here in the spring and, when I noticed the sunflower growing a couple of feet from our door, I was reassured that we’d made the right choice.

picture of 2017

wood working classroom

This is the classroom/workroom for the woodworking course I’m in. Not a great picture, technically, but it’s a quiet, orderly image from this next chapter in my life and represents my choice to keep moving forward. I will continue to learn how to build things and here’s the place I’m doing it, for now. It’s one of my favorite images from 2017.