poppy t!


Here’s my response to the lovely poppies crowding my tomato plant–a t-shirt! I did a quick stencil screen print and hope it’s dry enough to wear to my woodworking class tomorrow. (The shirt is from the thrift and I made the stencil from some old cut-price Contact paper. Worked okay.)



I miss the weekly challenge–I always looked forward to looking at the ‘scenery’ during my morning coffee or while I was brushing my teeth before bed. If the Photo Challenge were still ongoing, I might post this photo because these poppies are a surprise–I’d planted the seeds in a flower bed 10 feet away, but here they are, crowding a tomato plant in the vegetable patch–and because they’re so pretty! And, I hope, a harbinger of the flowers to come!

so long, weekly challenge, and thank you!

Merida,, Mexico February 2018

This picture is not one of my favorites, but I’m posting it to say ‘thanks‘ to the Weekly Photo Event, something I’ve enjoyed participating in and that has made my site a little more interesting and fun (at least for me). This glorious flower is in appreciation for the images of all the beautiful scenery, delightful pets and scrumptious food from other posters, and for the opportunity for this community/collaboration created by the WordPress staff. Thank you and good luck!

This gorgeous bloom was from a small tree on the grounds of the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Merida, Mexico. Photo taken in February, 2018.

unlikely spot

green grass in metal yard.jpg

This is a picture of grass I grew in the art gallery during the course of an exhibit I was in. When the show was over, I couldn’t bring myself to just toss out the grass, so I put it, and the little plaster houses (the small white forms in the grass), out in the metal yard outside the metal shop at the university. That little green patch was bright and vividly beautiful among the pieces of metal debris, cigarette butts and old pallets…an unlikely spot for signs of tender natural life.

too late for lines

KAT station 2015

This is a late night image of the city bus center in Knoxville, TN. Not a perfect shot, but I was looking around the city for ideas for an art project and I always found the bus station to be aesthetically pleasing at night.  The lines and angles of the light posts and bus bays and the roofing, so modern and clean looking, are striking against the dark, and with the downtown lights glowing fuzzily in the distance, almost romantic.