easily mailable gift

These are a couple of calendars I made as examples for a class I’m scheduled to lead: quick intro to letterpress using a calendar format. The images are two-color lino block images printed on half a page, the other half left blank to staple a 12 month calendar to. Left, it’s about 9″ x 12″, right, 11″ x 17″. Then, fold the whole thing in half and slip it into a manilla envelope and mail it off!

poppy t!


Here’s my response to the lovely poppies crowding my tomato plant–a t-shirt! I did a quick stencil screen print and hope it’s dry enough to wear to my woodworking class tomorrow. (The shirt is from the thrift and I made the stencil from some old cut-price Contact paper. Worked okay.)

walk in beauty!

I was in the Atlanta area yesterday (for a NM green chile roast–Go Lobos!!) and as I walked around the neighborhood, centered around Decatur Square (old courthouse, bus municipal terminal, funky shops, etc), I came across this crosswalk treatment and was delighted! Not a typically pedestrian treatment. It is part of a project that replaced several old brick crosswalks with this colored thermoplastic–it’s easy to look up and will be an edifying search. The other picture is of a typical crosswalk on our way home, through Duluth, GA. This certainly is more typical of the pedestrian experience  everywhere I’ve been. The flowered crosswalk shows that there are other possibilities.

initial blog post


Artist Trading Cards, summer 2017

hosted by:  https://jenniferhinesart.wordpress.com/artist-trading-cards/

This was a neat project–it was fun limiting myself to such a small format–and I intend to do it again and even host an exchange, myself.