faded momento


This is a print, seen elsewhere on this site sans frame, that displays a sense of being “weathered.” I really love the worn-out look; it reminds me of the stuff that hung in offices where my parents and their friends worked (back in the 1960s, 70s). The old frame is ‘reclaimed’ (clean and tightened, etc) from a thrift store–it fits the print, I think.

experimental wooden object


Not Printmaking! Deeply imperfect but satisfying, this is my first piece of furniture! It’s a magazine rack of sorts for the top of a bookshelf I have. I learned a lot doing this, from drawing up plans to how you can (almost) never do too much sanding. A good and educational experiment!


I have recently started a course in woodworking and the room in the facility that invariably catches my eye is the glue-up room–it’s the clamps!!! There are dozens of clamps, half a dozen sizes, and they are hung off bars attached to the walls or wheeled wooden frames that can be shifted around the room. The shapes are simple and consistent and the colors are limited, as the photos show. As I started to take pictures, I realized that I want to make print images of these; I find the angles, the colors and the varying line widths to be really visually compelling. The trick will be to convey what I see to other viewers…


I love the physicality of printmaking and the various techniques, inks and tools involved. I also love that one can do printmaking with just a few very simple things and a little space. The photo below shows how impromptu a print sesh can be–this is the second layer of ink and about a week away from moving out.


initial blog post


Artist Trading Cards, summer 2017

hosted by:  https://jenniferhinesart.wordpress.com/artist-trading-cards/

This was a neat project–it was fun limiting myself to such a small format–and I intend to do it again and even host an exchange, myself.