the unintended angle

RubberPlant copy

The etching above was from my first foray into intaglio, a series I called, “The Unintended Angle,” where I took a series of photos of quotidian subjects from unusual, perhaps unexpected, angles and then (tried to) render them in etchings. I still find an unconventional approach to often be the more interesting one, so this new page will be for images taken from unconventional or accidental points of view.


This face was delicious! ha

straw bale garden mushrooms

These mushrooms were pushing through the straw on one of the bales of our garden this summer and, despite their small size, I was impressed with their power and their neat, “prototypical mushroom” appearance.


My poppies are blooming!, and I was enjoying this weird perspective yesterday as I sat at the table drinking my coffee. Imperfect focus, but maybe a perfect idea for a future print?